Lina Ben Mhenni

A tunisian girl. Blogger and activist

Lina Ben Mhenni

A tunisian girl. Blogger and activist


The Tunisian revolution has no leaders, but it looks for its heroes and finds them. Among them there is, for now, only one woman, Lina Ben Mehnni, born in 1984, an English teacher at the University of Tunis, who toured the center of the country when the revolt reached its zenith to narrate what happened there. It was then that he became famous among his compatriots. She is one of the bloggers who started the Jasmine Revolution on the web. At the age of 27, this professor of linguistics at the University of Tunisia and author of the blog A tunisian Girl, becomes a loudspeaker of denunciation on repeated occasions, attacking injustices, censorship and dictatorship. And even today, after the fall of Ben Ali’s regime, he continues his struggle for democracy and women’s rights. Recently his blog has been named the best blog of the year in the BOBs.

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