A new edition of #EmpoderaLIVE is coming. Close these days on your calendar: September 16 and 17 of 2019. Come to Malaga and celebrate a new edition that will surprise us with innovative tech proposals to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals throughout the world. You want #EmpoderaLIVE.

Find out here pictures, videos, interviews, presentations and more. The spirit shared by all these days at #empodera4SDGs. Here's the torrent of ideas that were discussed, see you next edition :)

This book showcases new ideas to create impact and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Experiences of people and organizations demonstrating how technology is changing the world to overcome the social challenges proposed by the 2030 Agenda with open, inclusive, sustainable and collaborative digital solutions. Download the publication for free

We remember past editions of Empodera LIVE. The evolution, the people and organizations that have made this possible. Pictures, videos, streaming feed and all the interviews since the very first edition in 2006.

Speakers 2018

Agenda 2018

Day 1
27 Sep 2018
Day 2
28 Sep 2018


Empodera for the SDGs Official opening

  • Julio Andrade, Director of the UN’s International Training Center for Authorities and Leaders (CIFAL) in Malaga
  • Federico Buyolo. General Director High Commissioner for 2030 Agenda
  • Yolanda Rueda. Founder and current President of the Cibervoluntarios
Federico Buyolo

Young people changing the world: Low cost digital manufacturing to solve global problems

  • Guillermo Martínez. Industrial Organization Engineer, Founder of Ayúdame 3D
Guillermo Martinez

Education, content and behaviour online: keys to address global problems

Benjamin Dubow


Governance and anti-corruption: Open data, technology and natural resources

  • Paul Dziedzic, Project Manager at Openoil
Paul Dziedzic

Smartcitizens on the age of the Internet of things

  • Rob Van Kranenburg, Founder of #IoT Council and #IoTDay, and co-founder of Bricolabs.
Rob Van Kranenburg

The Kiss: Public art and cyberfeminism

  • Elena Tóxica. Founder of Toxic Lesbian. Artist and activist, she carries out her projects from the perspective of gender and sexual orientation.
Elena Toxica


Technology as an axis to eliminate economic and social inequalities

  • Ken Banks. Founder of kiwanja.net. net and Head of Social Impact in Yoti
Ken Banks

Collaborative and networked work for a sustainable change

Luis Tamayo

Ecosystem of social innovation for the SDGs in Europe. Experiences

  • ChildRescue. ICT for the identification of unaccompanied and/or disappeared migrant children
  • Ptwist: Blockchain to re-evaluate recycled plastic and encourage the circular economy
    • Manon Van Leeuwen. Project PTWIST. EOLAS.
Gail Rego
Manon Van Leeuwen

Jam Session, ICT for the SDGs

Family picture

Civic Hacking: technology for the participation of a plural and empowered citizenship

  • Audrey Tang. transgender and Taiwan's Digital Prime Minister called to change the digital world
Audrey Tang

Video games and mobile technology to empower people displaced from their countries

Francesco Cavallari
Laila Josefin Azhar

Urban and sustainable transformation: connecting citizens with the challenges of nature (energy, food, water and waste)

  • Peter van Wingerden, CEO, Beladon
Peter van Wingerden


Human rights, democratic processes, and digital governance

Nighat Dad

Agenda 2030: towards the implementation of the SDGs. Reasons for optimism

  • Nikhil Seth, Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, Executive Director UNITAR
Nikhil Seth

Signature of agreement UNITAR-Cibervoluntarios for the SDGs

EmpoderaLIVE Closing

Family picture


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