The network of citizen empowerment. 10 years leading the Social Innovation works as an ICT Social Living Lab. A space of experimentation to propose real solutions to specific social problems using open and inclusive technologies. The network focuses its activities on research, visualize, exchange and support technological projects with social impact. An open collaborative space, open to ideas and open to citizens.

Who we are is an initiative of Cibervoluntarios Foundation, a nonprofit organization made by social entrepreneurs to promotes the use and knowledge of new technologies as a means to alleviate social gaps, generate social innovation and foster citizen empowerment. Cibervoluntarios works to increase the rights, opportunities and capabilities of each person within their social environment through the use of technology tools and applications within their reach.



The adoption and use of ICT by citizens, NGOs and institutions.


Responsible and appropriate content, services, tools and access to the knowledge society use.


The creation, training and mobilization of volunteer technology: cyber-volunteers.


Social awareness: to generate positive social and cultural attitudes towards the importance of new technologies for the development and advancement of society.


Any barriers to knowledge and use of new technologies, especially the physical, social and cultural rights.


Participation through ICT and responsible use of these tools among the young.

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