EmpoderaLIVE 2017 Broadcast

Interviews with Speakers



Day 1
11 Sep 2017
Day 2
12 Sep 2017


Empodera LIVE 2017 official Opening

The power of creativity to save lives

Hassani brothers

eHealth: Artificial Intelligence y Open Bio Print

  • Nieves Cubo, Researcher & Engineer in 3D Bioprinting of functional Human Skin (PhD Candidate UCM-CSIC)
  • Maria Postigo, Biomedical engineer & Product Manager of Malaria Spot
Nieves Cubo
María Postigo Camps


Wearables for scientific and cultural expansion

  • Kelly Snook, scientific researcher, Co.creator of Mi.Mu Gloves, Ph.D. Stanford University in Aeronautics and Astronautics and teacher at Media Art Technology Brighton. She previously worked 20 years at NASA
Kelly Snook

Social justice in the digital era

  • Aral Balkan, Ethical designer and Cyborg Rights activist. Leading Political Tech at DIEM 25
Aral Balkan


The ecosystem of Digital Social Innovation in Europe

  • Matt Stokes. Nesta & Social Innovation Community Project
  • Antonella Passani. IA4SI and ChiC: analysing impacts and good practices of DSI initiatives and support their sustainability
  • Francesco Saverio Nucci, CHEST, Collective enHanced Environment for Social Tasks
  • Jason Vallet, Opencare, collaborative health and social care solutions
  • Ines Dinant, SOCRATIC, Social Creative Intelligence for the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Marco Sachy, Commonfare project, is a participatory form of welfare provision based on collaboration among people living in Europe.
  • Massimo Menichinelli, MAKE-IT,Understanding Collective Awareness Platforms with the Maker Movement.
Massimo Menichinelli
Matt Stokes
Inés Dinant
Jason Vallet
Antonella Passani
Francesco Saverio Nucci
Marco Sachy


At EmpoderaLive we highlight the commitment and level of the participants. Through this space We offer the opportunity to be protagonists and share their experiences, projects and ideas.

Family picture

Circular economy and open innovation in Spain

Jorge Barrero

Cyberactivism for social freedom and online rights

Julie Owono

Introducing the App for technological volunteer developed by Cibervoluntarios Foundation.



Open, ethic and sustainable Technology

Bas Van Abel

Urban hacking for social good

Carlo Ratti

EmpoderaLIVE 2017 closing, acknowledgement and family picture




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