Event 2015



Day 1
17 Mar 2015
Day 2
18 Mar 2015


Empodera Live 2015 official opening

El caso de Harassmap en Egipto

  • Amel Fahmy, Harassmap co-founder and Managing director of Tadween, a Women Research Center
  • Interviewer: Paula Gonzalo, co-founder Periodismo Ciudadano
Amel Fahmy

Open parliament and legislative civic hacking

Cristiano Ferri Faria
11:00 - 12:00



Mobile technology to promote citizen journalism in the most marginalized regions Corin Faife, Radar Technical Development Manager Interviewer: Oscar Espiritusanto, Cofounder of Citizen Journalism
Corin Faife

Technology Open-Science

Open and accessible Citizen Science

Daniel Lombraña, Co-Founder of Crowdcrafting

Interviewer: Sebastián Muller, Project Director at Impact Accelerator


New forms of education and collective creation: the case of galeria la Magdalena and Programamos

  • Artistic Collective The Gallery of Magdalena
  • Jose Ignacio Huertas Fernández, Professor of Computing and co-founder of Programamos
  • Interviewer: Jesús Hernández, CEO of Publixed
José Ignacio Huertas Fernández

30 images – 30 experience

In EmpoderaLIVE highlights the commitment and level of the participants. That is why it is very important for us to guarantee their participation through various means. This year one of them, will be the space "30 images-30 experiences" that aims that 30 participants, through an image and in 3 minutes each, share their experiences, projects and ideas with us. Undoubtedly, 90 exciting minutes where we all have something to say, where we are all protagonists. Directs "30 images-30 experiences": Sebastián Muller, Project Director at Impact Accelerator

Sebastian Muller

Family photo

Freedom of information and expression of citizenship in the network: When the commitment is to inform

Zaina Erhaim

Digital Participation for Social Transformation in Ibero-America: Citizenship 2.0


Censorship and innovation in China

Michael Anti (Zhao Jing)

Social change leaders: a person can make a difference

Ndaba Mandela

V Edition of the empodera awards. Presentation and delivery

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