Event 2012



Day 1
12 Jun 2012
Day 2
13 Jun 2012


Inauguration These 2012

Inaugural Video: The power of the connected citizen

John Perry Barlow, Co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and author of the "Declaration of Cyberspace Independence"
John Perry Barlow

Citizen mobilization live

  • Tim Pool, Founder of Timcast.TV and co-founder of Operationstream.org
  • Interview: Jaime Estévez, Founder and current director of Agora News
Tim Pool

Ideas that move the world

Ronny Edry

The connected citizen power to make the invisibles visible

Mark Horvath
12:00 - 12:30


Internet and citizenship of the XXI

Alexey Poimtsev, CEO of Progress Engine, Co-founder of Web Election Observer Audience Award at BOBs 2012, category "Best Use of Technology for Social Causes" Interview: Oscar Espiritusanto, Founder of Citizen Journalism
Alexey Poimtsev

Freedom of information and expression of citizens in the network

  • Hexie Farm, Anonymous Chinese cartoonist and initiator of the campaign "Portrait of Dark Glasses"
  • Interview: Jaime Estévez, Founder and current director of Agora News
Hexie Farm
14:15 - 16:00


Mobile technology for social change

Dale Zak

Jam Session with the participants

A Jam Session is an informal meeting of jazz musicians, with a temperamental affinity, who play for their own enjoyment unwritten or rehearsed music. In these the commitment and level of the participants stands out. That is why it is very important for us to guarantee their participation through various means. One of them is the Jam Session. With this space we want to give the opportunity for part of the participants to share their experiences with us, to go on stage with the score of their ideas and thus, by sharing and combining them with those of others, together, to be able to create the music that feeds and describe our illusions Directs the Jam Session: Ildefonso Mayorgas, Founder of Last Thursday.

Family photo

The citizen power to change patterns of consumption

Lina Ben Mhenni

The power of the connected citizen to give voice to the voiceless

Shubhranshu Choudhary
12:15 - 12:45


Closing conference: social innovation for change

David Kobia

Presentation and delivery of the empodera awards

Thanks and closing


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