Event 2006



Day 1
11 May 2006
Day 2
12 May 2006
Day 3
13 May 2006


Official inauguration

Conference Marco

  • Saskia Sassen, Social Researcher and considered one of the five top world authorities on the Information Society
Saskia Sassen
11:30 - 12:00


The Tics and the objectives of the millennium

Program of promotion of the Tics in most Disadvantaged Collectives

Infrastructure and low cost tools for training

  • Raoul Weiler, President of the Club of Rome in Europe, Ministry of Education and Science
  • Mariano Segura Escobar, National Center for Information and Educational Communication
11:30 - 12:00


Contents and Services

  • Giovanni Seppia, ICANN Global Partnership European Liaison
  • José Ángel González, Corporate Security Area of ​​Telefónica and the Enlaredprotegete.com program
  • Ismael Nafría, Subdirector of Contents of Prisacom
  • Robert Guerra, Director the Privaterra

The Tics in most disadvadgent zones

  • Rocío Cárdenas, Adital. Agricultural Virtual Community
  • Viola Krebs, Director the ICVolunteers

The empowerment of women through the new technologies

  • Magaly Pazello, Red Dawn (Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era Network)
11:15 - 11:45


ONG´S, Volunteers and Tics

Cyberculture promoting social action and development

  • Derrick Deckerhove, Father of cyberculture and Director of the McLuhan Program


Privacy Preference Center


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Google Analytics


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